Writing for the Web

Writing for the web is very different from writing for any other audience. Online content must be kept short, clear and concise to make it easy for readers to digest.

computerResearch carried out by Jacob Nielsen, the guru of web usability, showed that only 16 per cent of users read copy word for word online and 79 per cent simply scan. A more recent study has found that users read email newsletters even faster than they read websites.

Web readers don’t want to get bogged down in large blocks of text — they want the straight facts to jump out at them.

The Writing Agency provides a web writing service to help our clients get and keep the attention of web readers through the use of short compelling copy and clever headings and sub headings.

We ensure the web content we write is SEO friendly without getting too carried away and turning users off.

We also write e-zines and offer web proofreading and copy editing services. It is vital to keep your copy clean when writing for the web and to take the time to read everything over before you send it live. Typos and spelling errors will undermine your credibility and send readers away from your pages.