“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind”
Rudyard Kipling (1923)

The Professional, Competitive Solution For All Your Writing Needs

Despite phenomenal advances in technology in recent decades, the written word remains one of the most powerful communication tools you can have at your disposal, both online and offline.

The Writing Agency provides a professional writing service to help you find the right words to get your message across to your target audience accurately and succinctly. From a few paragraphs to thousands of words, we can craft your story for you, saving you much time and stress.

We offer a range of specialist writing and editorial services from research and interviews to the preparation and writing of any form of communications material including press or website articles, advertising features, newsletters, corporate literature, brochures, press releases, e-zines and web content.

The Writing Agency also provides a copy editing and proofreading service to ensure that your material is well written, accurate and professional. Our clients (and target clients) include large and small companies, universities and academics, charities, government bodies, start-ups, newspapers, magazines and trade publications.

Our services at The Writing Agency are very competitively priced and we pride ourselves on an efficient, swift turnaround of projects.